Meagan-Taylor. 20. Ottawa. Is it time for us to go to sleep yet?

A hand on my thigh. That is
what I’m thinking about, most of the
A hand slipping under my dress,
the other holding the steering wheel,
and me, upright in the passenger’s
seat. Fearless.

Always fearless in love, like
I’ve had practice.

Look, I know you’re sick of
hearing about the skin of it all, but
I’m not done being shameless
with where I want to be touched.

A hand pressed lightly against
my neck. Lips grazing
the apple of my bottom lip.
Your name like a tongue over the
ridges of my teeth.
Your body like a downpour
with me dancing underneath

Caitlyn Siehl, Most of the Time (via alonesomes)


Black & Bloom by Paulette Tavormina

Garrett Hedlund photographed by John Balsom for Man of the World Issue No.8

Track: Lullaby

Artist: The Spill Canvas

Album: No Really, I'm Fine

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While you were sleeping i figured out everything/ i was constructed for you, and you were molded for me/ Now I feel your name, coursing through my veins/ you shine so bright it’s insane, you put the sun to shame